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Would you like to engage with each other on a smaller, suitable scale? EU Peers currently consists of 7 Community platforms, some of which are country-specific (the Baltic States, IE, IT, ES, FR and HU) and one transnational Community. Each of them have a specific agenda based on the national/regional context and the members' needs. Come play a part in the Community discussions and priorities!

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You search for an answer to your question from the Community? Your would like to share events and information? To exchange ideas with someone close-by - or from the other side of Europe? Perfect! This is what our online forum 'HumHub' is for - so that you, the EU Peers members, can engage with each other.


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Would you like to finally meet your colleagues 'live' and work together in a good atmosphere? We do too, and luckily the EU Peers Summit takes place once a year in Brussels - the opportunity to meet up physically and strengthen your network!

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To understand the development of IHRS movement in Europe, we ask all the community members to participate in the Annual IHRS Survey. The survey helps also further define our actions and strengthening the position of IHRS in the EU!

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Capacity building series

How can I improve my business model? This is just one of the countless questions and development opportunities you face when offering integrated home renovation services. That's why EU Peers will offer its members a series of 7 needs-orientated trainings, for which we'll bring together the best of the movement for you! Coming in 2025.

Mentoring programme

Are you just starting out and want to grow into your role? The EU Peers Mentoring Programme will offer support to emerging one-stop shops from 2025. We will offer you help on demand and peer counselling, online peer mentoring, and a group study visit.

Knowledge repository

Do we actually know what we know? The repository is an offer that is ultimately also aimed at non-members and is a contribution from EU Peers for the further movement. All members are invited to contribute what we already know, the tools, information, etc. This way we can advance together!

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More than 70 one-stop shops for home energy renovation and their supporters met in Brussels on 11 June 2024 at the 1st EU Peers Summit, officially launching the European community which enables them to learn, exchange knowledge, gain visibility and advocate their cause.
This description of the mission and vision of EU Peers highlights how far EU Peers has come since the first steps at the project’s kick-off meeting in September 2023: Not just in our understanding of the Community of Practice, but also regarding the visualisation of EU Peers. At the second project meeting in Paris, from 10-12 April 2024, this was particularly evident in a small but striking detail: EU Peers project partners and interested parties could be recognized instantly due to small buttons with the EU Peers logo.
The European Union has been at the forefront of crafting policies addressing the built environment's environmental impact. An example of this is the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) first enacted in 2002. A key instrument in the effort to address climate change. Through the Directive, Europe recognizes the responsibility of buildings for a significant portion of total energy consumption.

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