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As a member, you will get access to various benefits to support your organisation and facilitate cooperation with others. The vibrant Community of Practice offers you the right framework to move forward together. From networking and exchange channels to learning and collaboration formats - take advantage of the opportunities!


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The EU Peers Community is your place to network! Here you find peers sharing your ambition to simplify and accelerate the (residential) energy renovation journey. Seven Community platforms offer regular convening opportunities, complemented by an annual summit taking place in Brussels. In addition, a digital tool enables your collaboration.


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As a members of EU Peers, you learn from and with each other. Also, you benefit from a variety of offers to enhance your knowledge and expertise. The Community builds an extensive knowledge repository, and will soon offer a range of capacity building series, as well as a tailored mentoring programme for emerging one-stop shops.

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Showcase your story and the impact of the movement!

Use the possibility to present your one-stop shop and your experiences through various channels. This includes the dissemination of related news or upcoming events. As amplifier, EU Peers also aims to illustrate the collective impacts and added-value of IHRS based on data.


Advocate for improved framework conditions!

Contribute to the strengthening and upscaling of the one-stop shop concept through better framework conditions - this is particularly relevant with regard to the current transposition of the EU directives (EED and EPBD)! Beside policy recommendations and debates, EU Peers strives to improve the recognition by and collaboration with market players.

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The European Union has been at the forefront of crafting policies addressing the built environment's environmental impact. An example of this is the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) first enacted in 2002. A key instrument in the effort to address climate change. Through the Directive, Europe recognizes the responsibility of buildings for a significant portion of total energy consumption.
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EU Peers joined the Belgian Renovation Week where the main outcome seems to be that yes, OSS are the job of Tomorrow and for young generations. In this article we dive into the speeches which inspired us the most and that, we hope, will inspire you too.
Energy-efficient building renovation is a key practice to reduce European emissions. But this is exactly where homeowners face major, frustrating hurdles. In order to ease their renovation journey, Integrated Home Renovation Services (IHRS), or so-called One-Stop Shops for residential energy renovation (OSS), are emerging in Europe. EU Peers is here to support those IHRS / OSS through a shared Community of Practice.

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