Empowering Europe's Energy Renovation

Welcome to EU Peers, the first European Community of Practice dedicated to revolutionizing residential energy renovation. We envision a sustainable future where every home is a model of energy efficiency. Together, we're making this vision a reality, striving for climate neutrality by 2050."

Our mission is to improve the delivery of Integrated Home Renovation Services by creating a thriving environment for knowledge exchange

Facing existing challenges

By sharing and collaborating, the EU Peers Community of Practice navigates through the existing financial and policy obstacles to increase the trust between different stakeholders

Our Community

A Community United by Shared Values

EU Peers Community of Practice is built on the foundation of collaboration, exchange, and learning. Our community is driven by the goal of making the European building stock more energy-efficient, safe, and healthy for the residents.

Collaborative action

Facilitating the platform for different initiatives and organisations to collaborate.

Collective intelligence

Thinking globally about how to solve issues locally.

Capacity building

Increasing the capacity of the Integrated Home Renovation Service initiatives to perform the renovation works and becoming more sustainable.

Our Features

Share, Learn, Engage

We offer a range of different networking and learning events, digital collaboration tools, and a range of engaging materials to support sustainable operations of Integrated Home Renovation Services.

"How to build trust with the homeowners?"
"What we can do to decarbonise the building stock?"
"How we can scale up our renovation activities?"

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Our Action

Community driven by change

Our roadmap is a blueprint for change to improve the conditions of our members and the building renovation sector in the European Union. With the support of our community members, we work for improvements in building renovation legal and financial framework.

Understanding the needs

In defining goals for improving the legal and financial framework, the existing situation of Integrated Home Renovation Services is assessed.

Adoption of innovation

The community strongly embraces the different innovative solutions in building renovation such as new engagement strategies and financing, ways to improve energy efficiency, or digitalisation of IHRS activities

Fostering colaboration

Fostering collaboration to facilitate innovative ideas for environmental progress at the community level.

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Become a member of the EU Peers Community of Practice!

Become a member of the EU Peers Community of Practice!

Apply to become a member of a vibrant EU Peers Community of Practice!